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Upcoming Events
  • This Lunch n Learn led by Rabbi Daniel Freitag meets on alternate Wednesdays
  • Begin your day with a coffee and a heaping teaspoon of Torah at San Francisco
  • Lunch N Learn in Sandy Springs
    Third Monday of the month at Noon, - NO
  • Lunch n' Learn with Rabbi Michoel Lipschutz and Rabbi Freitag and get some
The Atlanta Scholars Kollel invites you to meet us, learn with us and get to know us. The Kollel is a group of rabbis and families in Georgia who have dedicated themselves to promoting Jewish identity through Jewish knowledge. We are both students and teachers. Every morning we study Talmud together as a group and then head out to the community at large to teach about Judaism. We teach high school and college students, professionals and retirees. We are non-judgmental, knowledgeable, funny, inspiring and relevant.

Whether you're Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, unaffiliated or somewhere in between, your most vibrant source for Jewish learning in Atlanta is the Atlanta Scholars Kollel (ASK). With study opportunities in classes, programs and informal settings throughout the city ASK brings a new dimension to everyday Jewish life. By uniting fellow Jews through Jewish education ASK is building bridges in our expansive community.
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