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Treating Tefillin with respect of a holy article (abridged)
MBY 40:1 As I am sure everyone is aware, tefillin are holy articles (Heb: ‘tashmishei kedusha’), not far behind a ‘sefer Torah’ (Torah scroll). As such, extreme care must be taken, not merely that they do not become damaged or disgraced, but that they are treated with great respect at all times.

For example, tefillin may not be… … hung on a hook (i.e. from their straps; however, if they are in their bag, the bag may be hung. Likewise, they may be placed on a shelf or cabinet that juts out of a wall, i.e. not resting on the ground – unlike a ‘sefer Torah’, for which these may not be done either.) … left in a room in which a husband and wife sleep together, unless they are placed inside of another bag or covering, in addition to their regular pouch. … worn while eating. (Ed: Most authorities permit eating a little snack after davening, like if one intends to continue learning afterwards with tefillin.)

If someone’s tefillin fall to the floor (even in their bag), it is customary to give a few coins to tzedaka.

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