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Remaining Halachos of Brachos (abridged)
MBY 172:1-2 Remaining Halachos of Brachos (abridged) – [Quoted from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: 50:10 – Laws Pertaining to the Meal. Translation relies heavily on the “Metsudah” edition, by Rabbi Avrohom Davis]

What to do if you put something into your mouth without a bracha:
If, unwittingly, you took food into your mouth without having said the bracha, observe the following rules:
1) If it is something that, even when ejected, would not become unappetizing, it should be ejected into your hand, and the bracha should be said over it. The bracha should not be recited while the food is still in your mouth, for it is written (Tehillim 71:8): “Let my mouth be filled with Your praise.”

2) If it is something that would become unappetizing when ejected, since it is forbidden to waste food, it should be moved to one side of the mouth, and the bracha should be recited.

3) In the case of a beverage – the volume of which cannot be removed to one side of the mouth in order to say the bracha - if more of the beverage is available, it should be ejected and allowed to go to waste. If there is no other beverage, and you urgently need the little that you have in your mouth, you should swallow it and then say the ‘bracha rishona’ (bracha usually said before eating - !) Since you reminded yourself while the beverage was still in your mouth, it may be considered, to some extent, as though you had said the bracha before partaking of the food! [Note: In that case, a ‘bracha acharona’ – after eating - should not be said, unless the beverage was wine, and a ‘revi’is’ – i.e. the minimal shiur/amount to warrant one (approx. 3 ounces) - was drunk.]

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