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Baked goods eaten during the meal (abridged)
MBY 176 [Quoted from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: 43:6 – Laws Pertaining to the Brachos over special courses during the meal.]

Regarding baked goods, such as cakes, tortes, mandel bread etc., if one eats them during a meal (i.e. over which he washed and ate bread) as a supplement, in order to satisfy his hunger, he certainly does not have to recite a separate bracha over them. If he ate them purely for enjoyment, such as for desert, it is halachically questionable whether or not a separate bracha is required. Therefore, it is best to have in mind when he recites ‘Hamotzi’ at the beginning of the meal, that his intention is to “cover” all types of bakes goods with that bracha. (Ed: Even if he did not have that in mind, he should not make a bracha over bakes goods that he eats for desert. Regarding other desert foods, such as fruit, candy etc., see MBY to the following siman. If you don’t have it, please ASK!)

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