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300 Remaining Halachos pertaining to Havdalah (part 1 - abridged)
MBY 299:2-10 - based heavily upon Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: 96:5-6, 12-15 – The Laws Concerning Maariv and Havdalah, “Metsudah” edition, with notes, translated and annotated by Rabbi Avrohom Davis]

5) Similarly, one may do no melacha (i.e. acts forbidden on Shabbos, whether they be Torah or Rabbinic prohibitions) prior to Havdalah. Women who need to put on the lights prior to Havdalah should first say, ‘Baruch Hamavdil bein Kodesh l’Chol’ – “Blessed is He Who distinguishes between the sacred and the mundane.” (Note: Although the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch adds many more words to this mini-Havdalah, the Mishnah Berura writes that these words are sufficient.) If Yom Tov occurs on Motzei Shabbos, and one wishes to begin food preparation which is permissible on Yom Tov, but not on Shabbos, and Kiddush/Havdalah has not yet been made, one should use the words: ‘Baruch Hamavdil bein Kodesh l’Kodesh’ – “… between the sacred and the sacred.”

[Ed: Men may use this too; however, once a man has davened Maariv and recited ‘Atah Chonantanu’ in the Shemoneh Esrei, he is permitted to perform ‘melacha’ even before he has recited Havdalah over the cup; and thus, this short recitation is not necessary. Eating and drinking (other than water), however, remains forbidden until Havdalah is made over the cup.)

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