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The melacha of hotza’ah (carrying) (part 8.5 – abridged)
MBY 301:34-35 [Based heavily upon Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: 84:14, “Metsudah” edition, with notes, translated and annotated by Rabbi Avrohom Davis]
Regarding a handkerchief, it is customary to wrap it around the waist of the trousers. One should be careful not to tie it into a double knot, as that violates the prohibition of ‘koshair – tying’). A G-d-fearing man who usually wears suspenders to hold up his trousers should remove them on Shabbos, so that the handkerchief is actually being used to hold them up instead. Some people are accustomed to wrap the handkerchief around their neck. This is not permitted, unless one wears no other kerchief around his neck (Footnote #29: Many poskim do not require this condition, for the handkerchief will provide extra warmth), and he is generally accustomed to wear something around his neck at times, such as a scarf in cold weather. Also, one must tie it (i.e. in a permissible way), and not just throw it around his neck, letting the four corners hang down, which is strictly forbidden. Likewise, tying it around one’s leg or hand before going outside is forbidden, (Ed: because this is not the way a person typically wears any kind of clothing or ornament.)
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