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Laws relating to cleaning and folding clothes (Part 3 – abridged - final)
MBY 302:1-13 [Based heavily upon Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: 80:32-41, “Metsudah” edition, with notes, translated and annotated by Rabbi Avrohom Davis]

40) Wiping off mud from feet or shoes. Moist mud that is on your foot or shoe may generally be removed with any object that is permitted to be handled on Shabbos (i.e. non-muktzah.) Interestingly, the Rabbis prohibited wiping off mud against a wall (Footnote #140: … only a stone wall, not a wooden one) or the ground, because it appears as though one is adding mortar, which is an act of building! If water is available, the shoe may even be washed in water, provided that it is made of leather. (Note: We do not prohibit washing leather with water unless two ends are rubbed together in the manner of launderers.) To rub the shoe against a piece of metal that is not as sharp as knife (even a dull one) is permitted. As mentioned above, it is forbidden to scrape off dry mud or excrement because of its likeness to grinding.
41) Wiping off mud from hands. If your hands became soiled with mud, you should not wipe them on a fine hand towel, lest you forget and rinse the towel. (Footnote # 145: However, using a rag that you are not concerned with is permitted – Pri Megadim – M.Z. 302:3)

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