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MBY 497:16-17 Which foods are considered “prepared” (i.e. non-muktzah) for Yom Tov (Part 8 - final)
MBY 497:16-17 Which foods are considered “prepared” (i.e. non-muktzah) for Yom Tov (Part 8 - final)

Intro: The last two se’ifim (paragraphs) of this siman discuss issues related to ‘shechita’ (animal slaughter) on Yom Tov. While shechita itself is permissible on Yom Tov (see MBY 495:1-4 – section 1), several secondary halachic complications can arise in the process:

Even after a kosher bird or animal is slaughtered properly, it must still be internally inspected (Heb. ‘bedika’) to ascertain whether or not it has a ‘siman treifah’ (sign of a mortal lesion or injury which would render it ‘treif’ or unkosher.) Most animals and birds are not treifos, but halacha requires an actual inspection - not reliance upon the ‘rov’ (majority) principle. What are the halachic implications, should the inspection come up negative? There are at least two:
1) The hide may not be skinned. Skinning the animal is a melacha that is permitted only for the purpose of Yom Tov eating. Since the animal cannot be eaten anymore, skinning may not be done, at least until Yom Tov is over. The consequence of not skinning the animal promptly is that the valuable hide may be ruined forever, rather than being salvaged for clothing or warmth!
2) The animal may not be moved from its place. The animal is now muktzah, since it is no longer fit for Yom Tov food. (Note: Even the lenient opinion of the Rama in siman 495 would concede that the animal is prohibited under the category of ‘nolad’ – see MBY to that siman.) Should the animal be lying in the hot sun, it will spoil in short order. The consequence is the loss of a great deal of meat that could otherwise be sold to a non-Jew, as the Torah itself advises to be done with non-kosher meat.

Nu… So, what to do about these problems?

Have no fear – the Chachamim (Wise Sages) are here! Here’s what they advise when a person comes to slaughter an animal or bird on Yom Tov:

Slaughter, THEN… skin the animal, THEN… move the animal to a cool place, THEN… inspect for treifos! This way, in the unlikely event that it is found to be a treifah, it can stay where it is until the end of Yom Tov and not spoil! IF this will not suffice, the Sages allowed us to arrange for a sale with the non-Jew on Yom Tov itself, without talking in specific monetary terms (e.g. “Don’t worry - I’ll take care of you after the holiday!”) Then the non-Jew can cart the animal away immediately and use it!

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