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Food preparation on Shabbos vs. on Yom Tov (part 3)
MBY 510:1-11 Food preparation on Shabbos vs. on Yom Tov (part 3)
4) Trimming leaves off vegetables and chopping them: Two of the melachos – ‘borer’/selecting and ‘tochain’/grinding - are permitted on Yom Tov under the general permit of ‘ochel nefesh’ (according to its guidelines.) Thus, trimming unwanted leaves off of vegetables and cutting the vegetables into small pieces are permissible without the restrictions that Shabbos halacha would dictate for these activities. However specialized utensils that are typically used for processing in bulk may not be used. [Ed. Let us understand an important distinction: Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen writes (The Laws of Yom Tov p. 77) that in cases where grinding is permitted on Yom Tov, “one may even use a specialized implement for that purpose” – if that implement is typically used in the kitchen for household cutting and grinding, such as a vegetable grater. This is because that kind of implement is typically used for Yom Tov-permissible grating. What is prohibited is the use of an implement that is typically used for Yom Tov-prohibited grating – i.e. in bulk, such as a mill. See the difference?]

5) Salting vegetables: Here we will learn a “twist” of Talmudic logic: In the halachos of Shabbos, we learned (MBY 321:1-6 Halachos related to food preparation - part 1… YAY Archives!): “…the halacha forbids salting food when it is done in a way that resembles curing or tanning more than it resembles eating. Generally this prohibits salting a large quantity at a time (e.g. cucumbers)…” [Ed. Rather, on Shabbos, only a few pieces may be salted at a time.] What would the halacha say about doing this on Yom Tov? On the one hand, we would not say that salting food coulda/shoulda been done before Yom Tov; therefore, even the stricter Rama would seemingly permit it. One the other hand, there is a fundamental question here: Is an ‘ochel nefesh’ act permitted on Yom Tov (i.e. salting a large quantity) when it is not necessary (i.e. one could salt a few pieces at a time like on Shabbos – and ultimately get the same result)?! (Ed. This issue remains a matter of unresolved dispute in the Mishnah Berura. We cite it here in order to teach the thought process of the delicate “halachic mind”!)

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