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Food preparation on Shabbos vs. on Yom Tov (part – 4 final)
MBY 510:1-11 Food preparation on Shabbos vs. on Yom Tov (part – 4 final)
6) Carrying: Is carrying food through a ‘reshus harabim’ (public domain – i.e. without an eruv) or transferring from one domain to another permissible on Yom Tov? Not only is it permitted to carry food – it is permitted for any other Yom Tov use as well, based upon the ‘mitoch’ principle. Simply stated: “SINCE“ (Heb. ‘mitoch’) a melacha is permitted for ‘ochel nefesh’, it is permitted for non-food purposes as well, provided that it serves a universally recognized Yom Tov need today! [See MBY 502 Kindling a fire on Shabbos (abridged) – for a more detailed discussion of ‘mitoch’.] Are there any restrictions placed on carrying on Yom Tov, then? Only when one is carrying in a way in which he appears to be fulfilling a non-Yom Tov need (or at least not needed for this particular day of Yom Tov.) For example, if one needs to transport several jugs of wine for a large gathering on Yom Tov, he should not ‘shlep’ a case of wine jugs (even if it’s not a full case.) Rather, he should carry a couple of individual jugs at a time, even though that will force him to make extra trips!* In cases where this kind of modification is not applicable (e.g. it is a single heavy object), he should seek to carry the object with some other form of ‘shinui’ (change from the norm), such as using his shoulder instead of his back, using his arms instead of his shoulder, etc. If no ‘shinui’ is possible, then he may carry the object in the normal way. Finally, one may not “work” his animal on Yom Tov, as was mentioned in our first lesson - MBY 495.
[*Important Note: If his carrying does not involve melacha (e.g. he is carrying within a building or fenced-in yard), then it is actually preferable for him to carry the entire case. Why? Because in the absence of melacha considerations, we should attempt to minimize ‘tircha’/exertion on Yom Tov by reducing the number of trips. Get the difference?!]

Here is the general rule of our lesson: For a melacha activity to be permissible on Yom Tov, not only should it be for Yom Tov - it should also LOOK like it’s for Yom Tov!

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