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Care for animals (abridged)
Dedicated by Sheila and Joseph Accortt

In honor of their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov!

13 Elul 5773 / August 19, 2013

MBY 523:1-4 Care for animals (abridged)
One may perform minor tasks for the benefit of one’s domestic animals, such as scratching its fir, as long as it is not certain that hair will be pulled out in the process. We may assist in the birthing of an animal in such manner that the toil is not excessive. [See also MBY 495:1-4 A General Introduction to Melacha on Yom Tov item #4 regarding the question of working one’s animal on Yom Tov and MBY 324:1-15 Laws relating to feeding animals on Shabbos (abridged)]

MBY 524:1-2 Rabbinical decrees (abridged) The best way to encapsulate this siman is to quote the following Mishnah. The details of these halachos can be found in the MBY’s listed below from Hilchos Shabbos, all available from the MBY Archives upon request!

Mishnah Beitzah 5:2: “Any activity from which one is obliged to abstain because of a Rabbinical injunction (Heb. ‘shvus’) – even if it is a non-mandatory mitzvah (Heb. ‘reshus’), or even if it is a mitzvah (Heb. ‘mitzvah’– on the Shabbos, one is also obliged to abstain from it on Yom Tov. These are to be abstained from because of a Rabbinical injunction: We may not ascend a tree, nor ride upon an animal, nor swim on the water, nor clap hands, nor slap thighs, nor dance. These are the non-mandatory mitzvos: We may not adjudicate, nor betroth, nor perfom chalitza, nor perform levirate marriage. And these are mitzvos: We may not consecrate, nor make assessment vows, nor make a ‘cherem’, nor separate ‘teruma’ and tithes. All these were promulgated regarding Yom Tov, surely they apply to Shabbos. There is no difference between Yom Tov and the Shabbos except in laws pertaining to food preparation.”

For further details, please see:
MBY 336:1-3 Laws relating to using a tree on Shabbos etc. (abridged) MBY 338:1-8 Prohibitions against musical instruments and noisemaking (abridged) MBY 339:1-7 Several Rabbinical Prohibitions on Shabbos (abridged)

As you might be able to tell, we are getting near the end of Hilchos Yom Tov. There is still one long siman to go – 527: ‘Eruv Tavshilin’. The others are short. Sounds like a cause for a Yom Tov…!

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