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Laws pertaining to after bedikas chametz (part 1)
MBY 434:1-4 Laws pertaining to after bedikas chametz (part 1) Immediately after conducting BC, one must securely store any remaining chametz - which consists of any chametz found during BC (including the ten pieces) and any chametz he or his household still plans on eating until the time of prohibition the next morning. This secure storage ensures that no child or critter (e.g. mouse) will take some of it and scatter it back around the house. Secure storage can mean closing up the chametz in a cabinet, placing a heavy bowl-like vessel on top of it or hanging it in the air, such that only a winged creature could reach it. (Note: Placing it inside of a closed container does not necessarily guarantee security from a critter.) Question: Does this mean that if one did not secure it in this manner, he has undermined his BC and must redo it? Answer: Not necessarily, but it could be. If there is no reason to assume that a critter or child took some e.g. there are no children around, he did not see any critter taking some, and there are no pieces of chametz missing then another BC is not required. However, if there is evidence that some was taken, he would be required to do another BC! If, on the other hand, one did store it securely, then even if he were to observe that some pieces were missing, he could rest assured that they were not taken by a child or critter, but rather by a thinking person, who would have been careful to either eat or remove it, and no additional BC would be necessary either. [Ed. I wonder whether, if one has never seen critters in his house, he is not required to conduct a BC even if he sees that some pieces are missing.]
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