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Mixtures that contain chametz (part 3 – abridged - final)
MBY 442:2 Mixtures that contain chametz (part 3 – abridged - final)

Ed. We will conclude our study of this siman with a few excerpts from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, with translation from the new Kleinman Edition published by Mesorah/Artscroll, Vol. 4, siman 112, pp. 153-157. The editor writes as follows: “Kitzur focuses here on examples that were prevalent in his time. Nowadays, with the proliferation of manufactured products, many seemingly innocuous items may actually contain chametz ingredients. In order to properly observe the laws of Pesach, it is essential to obtain competent Rabbinic guidance with regard to the kosher-for-Pesach status of any products whose components cannot be absolutely determined.”

3. Fabrics that were laundered and treated with wheat starch may be worn on Pesach (Footnote #8: “…even if there is some substance of starch on them, this is nevertheless permitted, since the chametz is no longer in its original edible state.) However, they should not be spread on the tables, if they have some substance of starch on them, due to the concern that a crumb may crumble from them and enter the food…

4. (Note: In earlier times, paper was pasted onto the windows of homes for the purpose of privacy or to keep out the sunlight, using paste made of flour and water.) It is permissible to paste paper on the window even within thirty days of Pesach, provided that there is no visible chametz, for since the paste is ‘chametz nuksheh’ – Ch”N - see previous lesson) and it is also covered, the Sages were not stringent in its regard. But if the paste is visible from the outside, it is prohibited (unless it is being done more than thirty days before Pesach.)

Ed. For anything you always wanted to know about kosher-for-Pesach (and are still afraid to ask), please refer some very informative articles available at:

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