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MBY 444:7-8 When Erev Pesach comes out on Shabbos
MBY 444:7-8 When Erev Pesach comes out on Shabbos
(abridged - final) For the last two halachos of this siman – which are not directly related to Erev Pesach on Shabbos but to any Erev Pesach – we will simply introduce the scenarios by quoting their Talmudic sources. The following cases deal with a conflict between a person’s involvement in a mitzvah on Erev Pesach (or afterward) and his ability to perform the mitzvah of biur/burning of chametz:

Mishnah Pesachim 3:7 (Translation courtesy of the Artscroll Mishnah Series) “If someone is going to slaughter his Pesach offering (on Erev Pesach), to circumcise his son, or to dine at a betrothal feast at the house of his father-in-law, and he remembers that he has chametz at home – if he is able to return, remove it and then return to his mitzvah, he must go back and remove it; but if not, he nullifies it in his heart. If he is on his way to save people from a marauding troop, from a river, from bandits, from a fire, or from a collapsed building, he nullifies it in his heart. If it was but to establish a voluntary resting place (i.e. to set up an ‘eruv techumin’, in order to permit walking beyond the city limits on Shabbos or Yom Tov), he must return at once.”

Ed: Thus we see three different levels of urgency of a mitzvah on Erev Pesach which conflict with the timely mitzvah of chametz removal. Apparently, the more urgent the mitzvah, the more permitted one is to rely upon ‘bitul/nullification’ rather than physical removal. Can you summarize the three levels for yourself?!

Gemara Pesachim 7a (Translation courtesy of the Artscroll Schottenstein Talmud) “If one was sitting in the Beis Midrash (study hall) and he remembered that he had chametz inside his house, he should nullify it in his heart… Rav Acha bar Yaakov said: Here we are dealing with a student who is sitting before his teacher, and he reminds himself that he has kneaded dough inside his house, and is afraid that perhaps it will become chametz, so he proceeds to nullify it before it becomes chametz.”
(Ed. Once the deadline for biur/burning and bitul/nullification of chametz arrives - the end of the fifth hour on Erev Pesach, one is no longer able to nullifiy chametz, because it is no longer his to nullify! Rav Acha bar Yaakov is interpreting our case such that the dough has not yet become chametz. The person is actually nullifying his non-chametz dough, thus avoiding the prohibition of owning chametz when the dough eventually rises; thus he is able to effect this nullification even after the deadline!)

MBY 446:1-4 Finding chametz during Pesach (abridged) (Excerpted from Halachos of Pesach by Rav Shimon D. Eider, p. 77):

“If one performed BC (with a bracha) and bitul properly before Pesach, but discovered chametz on Pesach, he is required to burn it on Chol Hamoed. However, since it is questionable whether a bracha should be recited before the biur, a bracha should not be recited.”

Ed. Please review the related halacha from a previous lesson in “MBY Archives” - MBY 435 If one did not check on the night of the 14th :

“If he finds any chametz, he may not burn it on Yom Tov; rather, he should lock it up (or turn a heavy vessel over it) and burn it on Chol Hamoed or after Yom Tov.”

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