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MBY 532:1-2 Cutting fingernails
MBY 532:1-2 Cutting fingernails

Question: Did the Rabbis treat nail-cutting the same way they treated shaving and haircutting? (See previous lesson) In other words, did they impose a decree prohibiting cutting nails on ChH, in order to ensure that people would groom themselves in this way before Yom Tov?
Answer: That is a matter of dispute between the Mechaber of Shulchan Aruch (R Yosef Karo ztl) and the Rama (Rav Moshe Isseles ztl). If you are Ashkenazic like me, you follow the Rama, who holds the strict opinion, and you do not cut nails on ChH, with the following significant leniency: Whereas with shaving/haircutting, no one is permitted (i.e. generally with the exceptions mentioned in the previous lesson) to shave on ChH, even if he did take care to shave before Yom Tov, with nail-cutting, one who did cut his nails before Yom Tov is indeed permitted to refresh and cut them again on ChH!
One more halacha: Whereas on Shabbos and Yom Tov, there are restrictions placed upon taking medicines and other medical treatments for mild illness and discomfort (see MBY 328:1-12 Healing on Shabbos for details), there are no restrictions on ChH.

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