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MBY 536:1-4 Caring for animals (abridged)
MBY 536:1-4 Caring for animals (abridged) Ed. As our relationship with animals has changed somewhat since the times of the Gemara and Shulchan Aruch - e.g. the horse of yesterday was the car of today – we will not record here all of the discussion therein. Let us simply quote one of the Gemara passages upon which this siman is based, and then a few lines of practical halacha from Rabbis Zucker and Francis. I’m sure we can learn principles we can apply to modern times.

Gemara Moed Katan 10b (translation credits to Artscroll Schottenstein Talmud):
Rav ruled it permissible to curry [cur•ry 1 1. To groom (a horse) with a currycomb] horses with a metal comb (Footnote #9: … since it is deemed a festival need that the horse one rides on Ch”H look presentable.) … Rava ruled it permissible to let blood of an animal on Ch”H (Footnote #12: Since this forestalls the loss of the animal. Alternatively, it is permitted in order to alleviate the animal’s suffering.) Abaye said to Rav: A beraisa was taught that supports you on this matter: We may let the blood of an animal, and we do not withhold medical treatment from an animal on Ch”H. (Footnote #13: It is permitted to perform one of the thirty-nine prohibited labors to cure an animal on Ch’H.)

Hilchos Chol Hamoed Zichron Shlomo, by Rabbis Zucker and Francis, p. 62:
Even skilled melacha is permitted on Ch”H to treat sick pets or livestock in order to avoid a ‘davar ha-aveid’ (necessity to avoid loss or damage).

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