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MBY 1:1 Halachos of waking up in the morning (part 1)
MBY 1:1 Halachos of waking up in the morning (part 1)

What kind of halachos are there about waking up?
Here are several:

1) Wake up like a lion – with a start and ready to stand up and serve Hashem by doing His will – after all, that is why we were created!

2) Wake up the morning; don’t let the morning wake you up! One should make every attempt to daven shacharis at shul, or at least at the time that they are davening in shul! If you are tired, think that you have a very important job or meeting to go to, and you will jump out of bed and get going (because you do, you know!)

3) ‘Shivisi Hashem l’Negdi Samid’ (“I place Hashem before me always”) If one thinks about this statement often, throughout the day, he will live and act differently – no matter what he is doing, public or private!

4) Do not be afraid to do mitzvos, even if people make fun of you. (They’re just being jealous – ed.) But do not act nastily to them if they do. If fact, try to do mitzvos in a way that others will learn from you.

5) Recite the ‘Modeh Ani’ (“I thank you…”) prayer even while you are still in bed (i.e. you don’t need to wash up before you do.)

5) Wash your hands ritually (with a cup, three times, alternating, on each hand) upon arising; try to do it right away!

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