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MBY 32:1-36 The writing of the parchments of Tefillin (a list of topics)
Dear MBY Readers,
Some of the remaining holes we have in Mishna Berura Volume 1 pertain to the halachos of Tefillin (and that’s notwithstanding the many lessons we had in it!) For the most part, these halachos are relevant to the scribe, not the average “consumer”. Unlike the holes in Hilchos Krias Shema, we cannot even quote from the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, because that sefer does not include these halachos. However, in attempting to remain true to our charge of including all of the Mishnah Berura, I will attempt to at least make a “listing” of the major topics that are covered in these simanim. One who wishes to learn more at least has a point of reference from which to research further.

Siman 32:1-36 The writing of the parchments of Tefillin (a list of topics)
1. The ‘parshiyos’ (i.e. sections from the Torah) and their order
2. The number of ‘klafim’ (parchments) in the ‘shel yad’ and ‘shel rosh’ and their configuration
3. The use of black ink
4. Letters that touch
5. Writing with the strong hand
6. Etching lines (Heb. ‘sirtut’) on the parchment before writing
7. Preparing the ‘klaf’ for writing
8. Tanning the hides to make ‘klaf’
9. Tanning done by a non-Jew
10. Making markings (‘simanim’) to ensure against the subversion of ‘klafim’
11. If the parchments were tanned for a different purpose
12. Which animals are fit for making ‘klafim’ from their hides
13. Avoiding klafim with holes
14. Measuring the klafim
15. Holes made in the klaf after writing
16. Holes in the letters
17. Ink that fell onto the klaf and distorted the letters19. Reciting special words before writing
20. Missing or extra letters
21. The requirement to read the words after they are written
22. Controlling the ink in the quill
23. Writing out of order
24. Writing on top of erasure
25. Fixing mistakes
26. Letters that touch in Hashem’s Name
27. Partially-faded letters
28. Interlocking letters
29. Copying the words from a text
30. The scribe must be literate (!)
31. Writing by dictation
32. The margins around the parshiyos
33. The equality of the lines
34. Writing in the margins
35. Writing Hashem’s Name in the margins
36. Indentation at the beginning of the paragraphs (Heb. ‘p’suchos and s’tumos’)

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