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Chinuch Chabura (Parenting Workshops)

Speaker: Mrs. Randee Goldberger
Regularity: Monthly
Time: 8:15 p.m.

Location: Around Town
Phone: 240-383-0124

Want to read and discuss a parenting book with a Torah outlook and an experienced Mother? Mrs. Randee Goldberger leads parenting groups once a month in different ladies' homes. This BENA class is based on different parenting books which are read and then discussed in a confidential setting. In this way, women can safely share experiences, ask questions, hear from experienced mothers and even share some things which may help another mother. Please call Tova Zehnwirth and she would love to add you to an existing group or form new groups as necessary. We are currently reading the book Sibling without Rivalry. Next Class meets October 18th at the home of Esti Gavant, 1437 Biltmore Drive.

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